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Program Staff

Besides our students, our Program Staff is composed of unique personalities that combine to make campers experience unforgettable. Our Program Staff is interviewed by the Program Director beforehand to ensure that every counselor fits the needs of the camp. Below are some of our previous counselors, and why they were chosen to participate. 

Christian, New York University


As a Public Policy and Journalism major with a minor in Chinese, Christian is going to study abroad in China where he hopes to gain more insight about  Chinese culture. He hopes to one day have the opporunity to move there. Christian likes to meet new people and learn from them.

Melanie, St. John's University


Melanie is an Advertising major with a minor in PR (Public Relations). She holds a Marketing Internship with J&L Marketing and wants to attain a job in the Industry. Melanie loves to listen to music and has taught classes on American Currency and Music.  

Lauren, New York University


Lauren is a Communicative Science and Disorders major with a minor in American Sign Language. This past summer she taught students American Sign Language and had them try it out with each other. Lauren wants to create the next breakthrough in Hearing Aids to help kids and adults.

Ellie, Wellesley College 


Ellie plans to double major in Philosophy and Economics with plans to go to Law School. She is on the varsity Lacrosse team and is involved in Student Government. Ellie spent part of high school studying abroad, and hopes to continue traveling and studying in far off places.

Rodolfo, The King's College 


Rodolfo is a Business Administration major with a minor in International Relations. He has taught courses on the American Dream and Evolution of Technology. Rodolfo recently did a research paper on the Americanization of Chinese food in the US. He got to interact with students and included them in his research. 

Mark, New York University


Mark is a Global Studies and History major at NYU. He just came back to New York after spending a year studying abroad at NYU's Shanghai campus. Mark graduates in May 2016 and hopes to continue his global efforts to intertwine with cultures around the world.


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