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The Authentic Experience ~


Students will engage in a variety of activities throughout the city to learn about Chinese culture. From touring the flourishing Chinatowns of NYC's distinct boroughs to tasting authentic Chinese cuisine via food tours, their exposure to the Chinese culture and language will be experiential within the unique framework of New York City.  

Campers will engage in a wide gamut of experiential learning, including:  

  • Tai chi 太极 tai ji – Master this Chinese martial art that is as much of a healthy habit as it is a self-defense technique  

  • Music 音乐 yin yue – Learn and watch performances of traditional Chinese instruments dating back thousands of years  

  • Dumpling-Making 包饺子 bao jiao zi – Set the table with a hearty meal of authentic Chinese dumplings that campers learn to make on their own! 

                  And Many More!! 

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