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Shining Future is constantly looking to enrich US-China Education programs. As part of this initiative, we host and attend meetings with Educators from the US and China. At the meetings educators discuss current event and issues, and how things can be improved on both ends of the world.


 Members of the Chinese Ministry of Education, Headmasters and Principals met with US Educators in New York to discuss Education beliefs and values. The Educators talked about the importance of the Global Network Classroom. They exchanged education theology, and discussed future opportunities to collaborate on teacher exchanges. Both sides discussed the idea of Progressive Education and how ideas from all angles can be implemented into the current system. The meeting ended with ways to make student learning fun and productive. Educators will meet regularly to keep discussing any changes/improvements that can be made. 


Here are some of the guest who were present:


Chen Jun, Shenzhen District Committee and Director

Chen Dengfu, Shenzhen District Vice Director

Liu Shiqi, Shenzhen District Chief of Office

Yang Jun, Shenzhen District Chief of Personnel

Wu Xifu, Houhai Primary School Principal

Zhang Fan, School of South University of Science and Technology Principal

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