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Why Learn Chinese With Shining Future?

As the most widely spoken language in the world, Mandarin (中文) is a vital language relevant to the future of any student.


Shining Future's Chinese Exploration Camp merges the traditional and non-traditional classroom experience to give students the most natural learning experience. Not only will campers learn a vital new language, but they will also foster leadership skills and independence through practical application of new material learned in the classroom.  

Why NYC~ 

  • Moving through the heart of New York City, campers will be given a chance to explore the diversity of its unique urban landscape. They will travel the city’s distinct boroughs and their respective hubs of Chinese culture while engaging in exciting weekend excursions, from food tours to camping trips!  

  • Each day, campers will be exposed to a wide variety of cultural experiences to help them develop a deeper understanding of a world overseas. China, however, will not be the only country they travel to in New York City. On weekends, campers will be given plenty of time to explore the city in groups, from Little Italy to Greenwich Village to Central Park.

  • Shining Future invites adventurous campers to join us on a journey through the city that never sleeps, where they will pick up critical skills and lifelong memories along the way. 


Shining Future's professional teachers and staff are highly experienced educators. Our approach to learning focuses on the individuality of each student and centralizing the student's learning style with the overall lesson. Teachers partake in ongoing professional development and curriculum planning, enabling them to give students an active learning experience that is authentic and exciting.   

Classroom Without Walls 

Shining Future aims to provide students with an applied learning experience that extends far beyond the traditional classroom. We believe that interaction, not rote memorization, with taught material best solidifies comprehension of the material. As such, Shining Future removes walls between the classroom and the rest of the world, encouraging globalization by teaching students that learning does not only take place behind a desk, but everywhere.  

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