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One of our goals is to extend the camp beyond the classroom walls. Whether you are in Manhattan or Brooklyn, there activities planned to give you a hands on approach to the material you are learning in class. 


History in Action

Students get to learn about the different time periods of history, so why not experience it first-hand. Our students in New York City will get to visit the American History Museum where they will learn about Teddy Roosevelt or the launch of the space program. Since students are house in Lower Manhattan, a short walk to Wall Street will reveal more history than they thought. Federal Hall, where George Washington have his first Inaugural Address, or visit Trinity Church where Alexander Hamilton the 1st Secretary of the Treasury is buried. A view of the Freedom Tower, the 9/11Memorial and Statue of Liberty will just give them a taste of how much New York City is filled with History. Our students in New

Haven will experience the classic architecture that still stands

around one of the first colonies of the US, Connecticut. Students

will participate in Scavenger hunts around the campus looking 

for historical names and places.  



NYC Students will get to experience live concerts hosted

by the Today Show and Good Morning America. In the past,

we have attended concerts by Shaggy, Nicki Minaj, and One

Republic to name some. During Leisure time with Counselors

and students might choose to go out and watch a movie

or go to sites like Times Square.


Organized Excursions

If the time permits, some of our students will take trips to

Washington DC or Boston and take advantage of what each city

offers. If in Boston, students will take tours of Harvard University

and visit Historic Sites. Students at NYU are able to take trips to

the Metropolitan Museum, go shopping on Fifth Avenue, or attend

a Broadway show of their Choice.


Take a look at some of our previous activities:

























Picnic at Brooklyn Bridge Park


Nicki Minaj Good Morning America Concert


The Bronx Zoo


Madison Square Garden Tour


The Cloisters


Metropolitan Museum of Art


Yale Art Gallery


4th of July Fireworks



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