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The goal of every program conducted by Shining Future is to make sure that every student leaves knowing more than they came with. Not only is knowledge key, but the experiences whether they were field trips or interactions with other stduents play an important role in shaping every students experience. We love to hear back from everyone, counselors and students, as this allows to imporve and continue to grow and change the camp to help those in the future. 


Americal Culture Immersion Student:

Learning about Public Speaking and American History broaden my horizons. I gained confidence, even though it was a short-stay, by participating in class and talking with my counselors. I always felt relaxed and enjoy every aspect of the camp. Our teacher made classes fun, so everyone could participate. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. 

Lin Li Ting (Lindsay), Shenzhen, China - Summer 2015

Rainbow Bridge Student on NYU President John Sexton:

As an educator, what different you from others is that you take teaching not only as a simple job, but passion and belief on education. It’s the reason that you can overcome all the difficulties of time, geography and culture to give your student knowledge, love and strength. I will always remember that, you should seek a balance between your career and family and find love in both of them, then you will see all the beauties in your life journey.

Qu Zhili, Beijing Normal University, Summer 2015

Americal Culture Immersion Student:

Not only did I learn a lot from classes, but I had a LOT of fun! I am pleased to be able to study at prestigious universities like Pace and NYU. Our teachers combined studying with amusement in order to make classes interesting. I would like to come back to New York again, scratch that maybe two, three more times. The connection between the counselors and students made everything else seem easier. Thank You!

Cai Mingzhn (Christine), Shenzhen, China - Summer 2015

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