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As our world continues on an upswing towards multiculturalism and national interdependence, the vitality of educating our children on other languages and cultures has never been more prominent.  


Through the Shining Future Global Network Classroom, Chinese language teachers are able to enrich the classroom language learning experience and foster full native fluency.  


The program will give American students an opportunity to connect with Chinese students overseas and, through meaningful and consistent discourse, gain insight into the cultural differences and similarities between China and America and how they blend into one another and complement each other. Shining Future aims to promote cultural competence and love of language-learning through education and exchange.

Global Network


Studies have shown that language proficiency increases when students immerse themselves in the target language and its culture by conversing with native speakers of the language. The purpose of Global Network is to create a medium that allows for inter-communication between classrooms in the US and China. This way, students will easily be able to reach out to their overseas counterparts with questions they have on the current trends in each other’s countries. 


The program is designed to benefit both students and teachers. Fostering a network of intellectual exchange, it provides an avenue through which teachers can develop new curriculum ideas and discuss teaching practices while students review cultural differences, learn from one another, and create lifelong friendships. 

Student Exchange

Instead of bringing bits and pieces of a culture into a classroom, Shining Future Global Network seeks to bring students into a culture. By placing students at the heart of cultural immersion, Global Network fosters rapid language learning and retention through interaction with native speakers of the target language, activities designed to take language practice beyond classroom walls, and remote collaboration projects between American and Chinese students. 


Student Exchange with Shining Future is not so much a swapping of students as it is a bridging of ideas and experiences between peers eager to learn more about worlds they have not yet explored. By presenting students with a wide range of resources that are not just limited to textbooks, Shining Future's students find their place in a vast network of connections that will be vital to their futures. 

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