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Since Cultural Immersion is a major factor at our camps, there are core academics that students need to take. While specific topics vary by year and location the core classes remain the same. Some educators decide to teach about their hometowns or culture traditions. All lesson plans have to be approved before in order to make sure they pertain to the mission of each camp. Here are some topics that students might learn about.

American Government:

Politics are always a topic of discussion in the US. Students will learn basic knowledge about what the Constitution means for the country. Students will get to mock a Presidential Election by having debates and voting procedures. Students will discuss the 3 branches of government and how Congress passes a law. 




The Education System:

Beginning with Pre-Kindergarten going up all the way to Professional School, students will discuss the importance of attaining a higher education in the 21st Century. Along with this, students will learn about the College Application process for International Students. Some of our Counselors are current college students, so who can give you more knowledge than students who had to go through the process. 

Currency in the US:

The US Dollar is one of the most powerful currencies in the world, so students will learn the in and out about the US Treasury and different amount of currency available. This will not only help for the future, but will teach them to be safe and spend their money wisely while they're out buying items with their own money. 

American Fashion:

Who doesn't love showcasing what they're wearing. The Fashion industry is booming with more designers showcasing their latest works. Students will be able to see what the latest trends are, as well as how clothing has evolved in the US. 

American History:

Whether it is New Haven or New York, every city students travel to is filled with History. History might not always be fun, but with all of the historical artifacts sorrounding students they will get to experience the history and not just read about it on a screen. From Early Settlements in Jamestown to Modern events, students will get a small

taste of every time period. 

The American Dream:

The US is a nation built by immigrants, and the American Dream is one of those unique concepts to this country. This past summer one of counselors discussed the American Dream with students and what it exactly meant to carry out ones dream in America. From pioneers like Benjamin Franklin to tech genius Steve Jobs, the American Dream is a driving force for many hard-working Americans to provide the best they can for their families. 

New Topics in 2016

Below are some of the topics that will be introduced in our upcoming Summer Camps in 2016.

The Beat: Reporting in the Big Apple:

Our world is surrounded by a plethora of information and we are constantly bombarded by news everywhere from different perspectives and sources. Do you know which sources are reliable and which ones are shadowed by opinions? How do we differentiate the difference between good report and bad reporting? In the Beat, you will be out in the fields, reporting on events around the Big Apple online and in broadcasts. You will be speaking with the locals and engaging in the community.Taking the roles of journalist and editor, you will discover what it takes to get your story published onto the front pages and what it means to go viral! As you dive into the world of news and launch ground breaking stories, you will discover just how challenging and rewarding a ground breaking story can be.

Speech and Debate:

When you are right, you are right, right? Wrong! When debating an issue, the verdict is not simply determined by laying down the facts. There are many influential factors such as how you 

organize your ideas and information, how you present your facts, and your rebuttals and affirmatives. Even your tone and posture can influence the final outcome of a debate. In our Speech and Debate class, you will learn how to express yourself in a professional and persuasive manner; you will use inductive and deductive reasoning and determine the best method for you. You will learn leadership techniques and methods and utilize them in your speeches.

Special Topic: 2016 US Presidential Elections

2016 Presidential Elections:

It is this time of year again – the presidential elections are just around the corner. What makes one candidate more viable than another? Why is candidate A more electable than candidate B? How does money and influence play into this? What are the big issues? In this special course –the 2016 Presidential Elections – you will dive into the exciting and fast pace presidential campaigns and understand the intricacies and work that goes into a national campaign. You will research out in the fields and online, speak with voters and present your ideas and findings to the class. As you dive through this project, you will realize how much factors influences the outcomes of an election and discover just how thrilling and fast pace a presidential election can be.



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