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Most parents might be asking themselves, "Why should my child worry about learning another language if they are going to stay in their home country?" The answer to this question is instilled in Shining Futures Educational Philosophy. The world is fast changing, and along with that are the requirements to succeed in a professional career.




We have always believed that we can -and will - leave a lasting impact on students

The Foundations of Progressive Education  


Shining Future aims to emulate the educational principles put forth by John Dewey, an early pioneer of modern education. 


           "In a certain sense every experience should do something to prepare a person for later experiences of a deeper and more expansive quality. That is the very meaning of growth, continuity, reconstruction of experience." 


Instead of confining students to a classroom where rote memorization of material is the main method of teaching employed, Shining Future fosters students’ recognition of individual strengths, talents, and interests through experiential learning. With Shining Future, students will be both intellectually and physically engaged with the subject matter as they explore lecture components through hands-on activities and interaction with peers. 


Why learn another language?  


Positive growth - By working on projects with others, students at Shining Future will learn the values of teamwork, communication, and being confident. Cooperation is a key element in Shining Future’s educational approach, as we believe in cultivating independence in each of our students, but teaching them to work with and lead others as well.  


Eyes on the Future - Learning a new language not only bolsters a student’s confidence, but it also prepares them for the competitive nature of the rapidly growing job market. Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese is an especially sought-after skill by employers today, and Shining Future aims to boost its students’ market-values being an integral part of their Mandarin-learning experience.  


Multicultural Fluency - Motivated students come to our camps eager for new challenges and experiences. Shining Future maintains this spirit by encouraging students to push themselves through activities designed to bridge their understanding of familiar cultures with unfamiliar ones.  


Expect more than just a camp  


Our approach is simple; guiding students into appreciating unfamiliar cultures by answering their questions, arranging activities focused around teamwork, and directing them towards making good decisions through the decision-making process. 


Shining Future’s programs are designed with each student’s learning style in mind. While our intense academic structure may sound intimidating, the classes are taught with thorough research in mind. Activities are focused around broadening our students’ knowledge and encouraging them to be active. Our American Cultural Immersion, for example, finds our educators not only making their lectures informative, but to add an activity to them to get the students' minds going. A key project from the program this past summer was a course on the American Dream, wherein the students gathered in groups at the end and gave presentations on what their dreams were. They ranged from owning a big house to being a doctor.  

Our vision is to keep this level of dynamic education going. No matter the student’s approach to learning, our programs exist in order for students to remember and share it with other peers and colleagues in the future. 



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