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Why Become a Partner in our Global Network? 


Student Improvement - Students of our partner schools who participate in Shining Future’s programs return to the regular academic year with heightened language, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Being a partner in our Global Network means putting the student first; the emphasis is always on finding ways to help our students meet their utmost potential. In order to do this, Shining Future and our partners work together to meet the individual needs of every student to help them succeed in and outside of the classroom. 


The Bigger Picture - By joining our Global Network here at Shining Future, your school becomes an integral part of a larger organization committed to promoting global exchange between students overseas and next door alike. Shining Future’s goals of giving every student immersive, experiential learning opportunities aimed at diversifying their knowledge of foreign cultures and languages are not possible without our partner schools. The Global Network is Shining Future’s backbone, and we welcome each and every addition to the team with open arms. 

Global Connections - Being a partner in Shining Future’s Global Network is not only about giving, but also receiving. Our partners engage with our international network, giving them access to global resources and making them members of a community with a reach overseas as well as nearby. Our Global Network is a close web of partners who seek to promote the betterment of students by making overseas dialogue between classrooms possible, and in doing so, connect with each other.  

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