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Shining Future Chinese Language & Cultural Immersion Program


Dive into the Chinese Language and Culture:

Right from the start you will be amazed at how exciting the Chinese language, food, customs and people can be. China is the largest country (population wise) in world and has risen to become the second largest economy in the world. At our program, we will bring China to you. You will get an authentic experience of the language, culture, and history of this ancient nation and a taste of what the daily lifestyles of 1.35 Billion people consist of. You will engage in an intellectual discourse with peers and learn the artistic strokes of Chinese calligraphy. You will spend your summer developing your language skills, building confidence, and exploring the ethnic enclaves as you study the Chinese language and culture. At the end of the program, you'll be amazed at how much you can learn from your instructors and fellow peers and how the lifestyles of others differ based on various regions of the world. Make sure to navigate, using the menu above, to find out more of what you can expect.

The New York City Environment: 

Learning through discovery in the cultural and economic hub of the world


New York City is the symbol of diversity and is a global power city, housing one of the oldest Chinese ethnic enclaves in the nation. At Shining Future's Summer Program, you will not only learn the Chinese language and culture, but use them in an authentic context with native speakers and fellow Chinese students from our American Cultural Camp. You will be in housed in Pace University dormitories. A short distance from Wall Street and the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, you will be in the center of the cultural and financial core of the city. Learning has never been more fun!

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