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All of our students are expected to attend courses that will enrich them in different Chinese topics. Courses are taught by experienced educators in their field.


***For our High School students, we offer a special college application workshop to give them a head start on the college application process.


Below are the course offered:



Language, Identity, and Composition in Greater China:
Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world and is the primary mode of expression for over 1 billion people. This course will be taught by our Chinese faculty members and the course will place an emphasis on everyday communication and cultural Chinese. This is an experiential learning course where students will have the opportunity to practice new words and expressions with Native Chinese students in fun and and encouraging ways. Our Chinese classes are structured into three categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Students are tested before the camp and placed into the class most suitable for their level.


What is Chinese Culture? 
Despite the numerous changes in dynasties and shifts in power, many of the traditions practiced by the Chinese remains the same hundreds if not thousands of years later. From the Spring Festival to the Imperial Examinations, students will examine these traditions that are essential to the Chinese society. This course will introduce students to the cultural landscape in China as well as provide a basis of comparison between the Far Eastern countries and the West


Chinese Stories: Tradition and Transformation

Just how our founding fathers’ influences can still be felt today in America, the influence of great figures such as Wu Zhao, the first female emperor in China, and the wise sage Confucius permeates the traditions and culture of China. These historical figures have a tremendous and lasting influence in shaping the historical landscape of the Middle Kingdom. Students will examine principal figures in imperial China, their impact in imperial China and the dynasties they reign over.


Chinese Calligraphy 
This course aims to familiarize students with the key techniques for learning calligraphy that have been taught over the centuries in China. It acquaints students with the characteristics of Script, focusing on the basic forms of written Chinese characters. Students will learn to sit and to concentrate on the movement of the brush. The emphasis is on the techniques, methods and practice of brush writing. 


Battles and Journeys ~ The Great Classics:

Just as the West have the Iliad and the Odyssey, The East have the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West (or more popularly known as the Monkey King.) In this course, we will examine the incredible adventures of a monk and his disciples battling against evil forces and kingdoms vying for domination and how these influential works continues to play a major role in the Chinese socio-cultural environment. American students will collaborate with Chinese students on fun and exploratory activities of comparison.


Chinese Political Movements 
This course focuses on the evolution of Chinese politics since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took power in 1949. It introduces and discusses the relationship between the two "three decades" (the three decades under Mao and the three decades of "reform and opening up"). Students will learn how to understand the recent development Chinese politics, how to analyze the complex contemporary history and reality of China.


Women in Chinese Literature and History:

This course is a critical study of the representation of women in Chinese literature and history from the classical period to present time.  There is an in-depth look at the perception of women and the development of the feminist movements in China. Films are shown in Chinese with English subtitles. 


Seminars: Chinese in Diplomatic Discourses

This course aims to give the students a chance to practice their Chinese skills by looking at speeches of meetings between Chinese and American diplomats. Not only will students look at grammar, vocabulary and content, students will also look for structural methods they can integrate into their speaking skills. Students will gain a deeper understanding of diplomatic relations, and language skills that can be used in personal or professional International Relationships.


Business in Chinese 
 This course is aimed to enhance student's Chinese skills in the business context and promote their understanding about the macro and micro business environment and culture in China. 



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