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Program Content

American students and Chinese students will be able to connect through both technology and physical exchange to engage in a mutual learning experience. 

Part 1

PenPals in the 21st Century: An Exchange through Technology

The SF Global Network Classroom will

facilitate a classroom exchange between American and Chinese students .


We incorporate the three modes of communication:


interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational


in our program.


Interpersonal: The essence of pen palling is a two ­way conversation between individuals for 

the purpose of learning language and culture. Students will engage in meaningful conversations and exchanges, ultimately utilizing all fours skills in language learning: reading, writing, speaking and listening.


Interpretive:  One of the proven methods of increasing language acquisition is for students to be able to read, and see authentic texts of the foreign language from native speakers.


Presentational: A presentation of what students have gained or

learned thus far in their language journey and pen pal exchanges with native speakers will help them retain what they have learned. 

Part 2

The digital aspect of the program is the beginning of the Classroom experience. After their exchanges through technology, students will get the chance to meet one another. Students will use what they have learned, culture and language, in person. A language is maintained by continuously practicing and using it in the real world. 

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