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Why Shining Future?

Our Mission Statement and Education policy can be found here. We invite you to read it and find out why Shining Future programs are the best fit for your student. 


What should a student do for weekly spending money?

Meals are covered in a student's tuition, but students have the option to eat off campus. We have different levels of supervision dependent on the student's age. Some of our students like to go shopping, do tours outside of the scheduled ones, or buy souvenirs. We ask that parents discuss the students spending ability before coming to the camp. Throughout the camp we will do our best to remind students to keep track of their money,  safety and spending wise. 


Can students attend religious services on Saturday or Sunday? 

Yes. There are several churches around New York City that students can attend. Educators and the Director must know before the student decides to attend service. If the student wishes to attend, we ask that they inform their Educators before so we may guide them where to go. 




Where do students live on campus? What does a student room look like? 


Summer Camp students live in Pace University dorms located in Manhattan's Financial District. Every room is equipped with a twin bed, separate closets, a desk for each student and a bathroom with a shower per room, suite shared, or communal bathrooms of the same-sex.


How are roommates chosen? May my child pick a roommate or are they assigned?

Our goal is to provide each student with the best experience while they stay at our camps. Providing a true college experience is another one of our goals, and that included rooming with someone the student might not know. Most of our students have no problem with who they live with, but if any problems arise, educators will designate meeting times and take actions based on what's best for the student.


Students are put in groups of two, three, or four depending on the size of the rooms available for that camp. All students are housed by gender, with females and males on different floors. 


How does laundry service work? How do students do their laundry? What if a students doesn’t 

know how to do laundry?


There are laundry services located in every Residential Hall. Students are responsible for doing their own laundry. If a student doesn't know how to do laundry, or needs assistance, they are more than welcome to ask one of their educators and they will assist them to the best of their ability. 


This is the first time my child’s away from home. How do you handle homesickness?

Students are always welcome to call home. Cellphones and other electronic devices are not confiscated, so parents can reach their son at anytime. The only time that we ask students to be courteous and store their electronic devices is during class or presentations, unless there is an emergency. 


How can I tell if my child is ready? What should we do to prepare?

Traveling away from home for the first time might not be the easiest thing for both, parents and students. In order to best prepare students for the camp, we ask parents that they discuss safety procedures with their kids. Students are not be roaming around campus or streets by themselves. There is no affirmative way to know if a student is ready, most students come to our camps excited and ready to learn new material. 


Is there internet access for students? What are your policies regarding cell phones and calling 

home? Laptops and other electronics? 


Yes, every dormitory has access to Wi-Fi, which students will be given the password to once they arrive.  The student are free to use their cellphones to communicate with their parents. Students are giving emergency numbers in case of an emergency. The only rule against cellphone, and other electronic devices, happen when the students are  in class. Instructors are more than welcomed to integrate technology into their classroom, but students are not allowed to be on their devices while class is going on.


We'd also like to ask student to keep in mind that they are here to embark on a new journey, while taking photos during trips to museums and other sites is acceptable, we don't wan electronic devices to take over their chance on experiencing the moment. 


Who should parents contact with concerns or questions during the summer? 


Parent should contact our on site director Kaise Sun at +1 (646) 641-2518  in case they have any questions or concerns about their child or the camp. 


Do international students really get an authentic American cultural experience at Shining Future?


Absolutely. Our philosphy  behind the structure of the camp is to provide students with classes and activities they might not have experienced before. We mimick the college experience in the US, by placing the students in dorms and participating in floor meetings, washing their own laundry, and having educators on every floor to watch over them.


Our classes are filled with American Culture topics that range from History to American Sign Language.


Our exchange program allows students to live the life of average American students. Our host families provide a safe and geniuine enviroment that makes students feel as if they were part of the family. 


Some of our students want to complete their higher education in the US, and by giving them a taste of what it like to live the US, aling with information they will be as prepared as a Domestic student entering their Freshman year of College.



How does Shining Future approach cultural difference?


We do our best to make sure every student is comfortable while they're here. Shining Future's program focuses on introducing a new culture to students. We respect any customs and traditions students might have, but at the same time we ask that they hold that same respect to any traditions they will learn about. 


How are safety and security handled at Shining Future Summer Programs?


The safety of our campers is our number one priority throughout their stay. Every building is monitored 24/7 with a front desk security guard on hand at all times. Students are not allowed to leave the dorms unattended, if they choose to go out anywhere, they must be accompanied by a counselor or teacher. Students will be given a lanyard with a badge that holds emergency contact info in case of an emergency.


Students staying in New York travel by metro between Pace and NYU for classes, so subway safety is priority as well. Along with Emergency numbers, their MetroCard is inside their badge holder. Educators will make sure everyone makes it onto the subway before they get on. New York is a big city, so students aren't allowed to be roaming around the stations or on the streets without any supervisions.  


Are students allowed to go wherever they want on campus?


No. Students at both campuses need to stay within the perimeters of the whole group. If a student needs to go to the bathroom they must notify their instructor. Students will travel as groups if they need to move around the campus, or city. 


How are trips supervised?

Students are divided into groups once they arrive at each camp, and every group is assigned an educator. The groups are formed in order to get the students familiarized with an educator that they can go to when they need help. All of the educators will introduce themselves before hand, so that the students know who to go when help is needed. Educators are with students at all times, and are briefed before the camp starts on their duties and safety procedures. 



When students are not in class, what do they do?

Classes are a big part of the program, but to continue our Education efforts we want to expand to outside learning. To give you an idea of some of the activities that we do, click here if you are attending one of our summer camps. If you want general information, take a look at our Student Life page.


How much unstructured time do students have?

Students have Leisure Time, which means they have downtime and are free to go out at the discretion of the Director. As always, students must be accompanied by their educator. In the past, students have gone to Brooklyn Bridge Park to play basketball or even SoHo to do some shopping. The amount of time that students have depends on what time classes and activities set for that day end. Schedules are subject to change without notice.


What type of trips do you offer?

Here are out three main programs, click on each to find out more.


Rainbow Bridge Program

American Cultural Immersion

Chinese Cultural Immersion



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