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Take a look at some of the News Coverage our students from all of our programs have recieved. 

The World Journal

Rainbow Bridge Program students visited Stuyvesant High School, and received a welcoming adress by Principal Jie Zhang. The students learned about the in and outs of education in the US, and in the end students had a Q&A section. One student stood up and asked about "relatioships in school." To learn more about Principal Zhang click here.

Singtao Daily

Dodge Landesman visited the Bank Of China students and explained to election process, and the importance on working on key issues facing our nation. Landesman launched his political career in 2008 at the age of 18. He focused on Special Education issues, and raising awareness for disability rights. Landesman finished received his Degree from Fordham University and hopes to continue raising awareness for issues that tend to be overlooked. 

Singtao Daily

NYU President John Sexton visited students during one of their sessions where he discussed his role at NYU and how he has helped the University broaden their global network. Students wrote journals after and their exicments and gratitude were visible through their words. Here are some quotes from their work:


"What impressed most is actually the story of your rejection from 5 law schools of differentuniversities.I admire your persistenceon teaching and you were such a good example for us. Youngster usually don’t have such effort to give up such great opportunity, what I learned is that we should keep one thing and stick to that, they could be another good opportunity ahead of you, you could never know that."

Aaron Chan

Xiamen University


"I felt your enthusiasm and devotion to this speech. What impressed me most is that you cherish your family andstudents most rather than your academic achievement. strength. Iwill always remember that, you should seek a balance between your career and family and find love in both of them, then you will see all the beauties in your life journey."


Qu Zhilin

Beijing Normal University

Singtao Daily

Tyra Liebmann spoke to our Rainbow Bridge students about her involvement with laying the foundations at NYU Shanghais campus, and what she has learned from it. Liebmann has been exposed to education in both, the US and China. Students were eager to ask her questions about what she thinks both countries could do to improve relations and education systems.  

World Journal

The Domenic Recchia campaign welcomed our Cultural Immersion students into the campign headquarters. Domenic was holding a press conference to announce his Chinese name and voice support on key issues. After the ceremony, students received a lesson on Voter Registration and separated into small groups and headed to the streets to get people registered. The students got a handful of registrations and received a warm thank you message from the campaign. 

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