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English as a Second Language

There is a high importance of learning a second language. We provide a platform where students will engage in both a natural and structured exchange

through the school year. At SFI, we believe that students absorb knowledge best when they are engaged in the learning process.We incorporate the three modes of communication: interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational in our program, which are one of the foundations of foreign language learning.


Interpersonal: The essence of pen palling is a two­way conversation between individuals for the purpose of learning language and culture. At SFI's PenPal program, American and Chinese students will be able to engage in meaningful conversations and exchanges with each other and fluidly utilize all fours skills in language learning: reading, writing, speaking and listening. From structured prompts to spontaneous conversations, students will be able to use what they 

learned in the classroom and implement it into real­life situations in real­time.


Interpretive:  At Shining Future, we strive to provide a natural environment for students to learn. One of the proven methods of increasing language acquisition is for students to students will also be able to read, and see authentic texts of the foreign language from native speakers from their generation. Through this, process, students will be exposed to cultural jargons and idioms that they might not be exposed to otherwise. This is an important facet in the students' language journey to native­like proficiency.


Presentational: This is a compilation and presentation of what students have gained or learned thus far in their language journey and pen pal exchanges with native speakers.

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