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College Prep

Applying 101

The College application process is a tradition for High School Juniors and Seniors in the US. For those International Students who want to continue their higher education in the US the process is a bit longer than domestic students. One of Shining Future's goal is to prepare any student for the college application process. 

Behind the Scenes 

Throughout our program, our educators will get a sense of where the student is headed and what will be needed to help him/her reach their goals. To give you a sense of what students will be discussing, let's look at Harvard as an example. Here are their requirement for admissions:


  • Common/Universal College Application

  • Harvard College Questions for the Common Application or the Universal College Application Harvard supplement

  • $75 fee or a fee waiver

  • SAT or ACT with Writing

  • Normally, 2 SAT Subject Tests

  • School Report and high school transcript

  • Teacher Report (2)

  • Mid-Year School Report

  • Final School Report


    In addition to the items listed above students are required to submit their TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Interviews are conducted on a case by case basis. Students will be able to learn what each requirement means and how they can properly submit it. 

Extensive Knowledge

Before applications are submitted anywhere, students must be able to excel on Standardized exams like the SAT, ACT and TOEFL. The College Prep program is designed to help students in all areas of each exam. Student will take a mock exam in order for Educators to find out where each student stand and what they need to work on. 


Once the students feel ready, they will take another exam to see how they measure up. If there is anything the student doesn't feel comfortable with we will continue to work on it until the student is able to grasp the subject and feel comfortable taking a test over it. 

Tours of college campuses around the area are executed to give students a sense of what each school offers. Along with preparation, the practice of actual college experience helps students. By living on college campuses students learn time-management and leisure-school work balance. 

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