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   Program Background

“Rainbow Bridge” US-Sino Cultural Exchange is a public welfare project launched by , undertaken by a subsidiary of the Foundation - Tianbian project particular fund, and sponsored by the Bank of China. The program is created for the purpose of providing underprivileged Chinese and American students a chance to study abroad.


 is authorized by the State Council. It is a national public offering Foundation that is registered in Ministry of Civil Affairs of China. The Foundation is launched by Chine Care-For-The-Next-Generation Council, and its Chief of Operation is the Chinese Ministry of Education. The Foundation aims at creating a great and healthy social environment for youths to grow through the preschool education, after-school education, and home education. 


Meanwhile, "Tianbian project particular fund" is set up specifically for underprivileged students. The Foundation works as a supplement of the national guarantee policy to create a better educational environment by preparing to construct elementary schools and libraries, and organizing cultural intercourse activities.


The Bank of China was founded on 1912, and has now become the bank with the highest internationalization and diversification in China. It recognizes its social responsibility as it gains such a great achievement. In 2004, Bank of China became the exclusive bank that undertook the national student loan.


Bank of China has participated in multiple charitable activities for many years as an essential way to give back to the society




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Crossing the vast ocean and erasing the distance between two separate and faraway countries, we will, through education and cultural communication, promote 

and enhance the friendship between the younger generations.


We strive to guide students and help them recognize and respect cultures and cultural diversity through aspects such as humanistic traditions, social customs and ideology, lifestyle, standard of conducts, dreams, and beliefs. This is a joining of souls and a journey to sow the seeds of growth and mutual  understanding between nations.


It is our goal to provide underprivileged students, who have a strong desire to learn and explore, an opportunity to study abroad and see and understand the culture, 

economy, society, higher education, and employment situation of another country. Through this, we hope to add a bit a splash of rainbow in their life’s road.





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